Frequently Asked Questions by Honey Bee

1.How does work? is a website the aggregate all the group buying companies in Malaysia. Thus shoppers can find out the best offers by just visiting a website, instead of all.

2. Are you a group buying company?

No. We are not a group buying company, we just aggregate group buying company offers into the website.

3. I want to make a purchase, what should I do?

When you found a great deal and you would like to purchase it, just click on the "Details" button and we will divert you to the respective group buying company.

4.There are some group buying companies are not aggregate into your site, why it is so?

We are still in the beta stage, and we are still updating and improving this site. Rest assured that all group buying company's discount coupons will be added soon!

5. I have some suggestions, how can I contact you?

You may send us your suggestions or feedbacks to [email protected]